My 100wc

… but they were exhausted…
Walking this 20 mile Marathon was the hardest thing god has ever let me do. But I wasn’t alone. Dad had convince all of us to do this, AND HE DIDN’T EVEN DO IT THE RUN!!! We were all out of breath by the time we had got to the 10 mile mark. The little ones were fast asleep on the backs of dogs, auntys, uncles, and parents. But they were exhausted. My water bottle was empty, my throat was dieing for a drop of cold water. I imagine going from this dry as HELL sahara desert, to a pond of cold heavy water. But that thought was too good to be true.

My 100wc. I wrote this with my friend Heleyna.

“ If I could ride my bike again.”. I ran my fingers on the old rustic handle bars that sat on the front of the bike. Spinning the flattened flaky wheels that lay close to the trunk of the tree. My hands were disappearing, legs fading into the air. This was the sign, I had to go home, before anyone sees my true form.

I floated through the woods,  to a little cottage by a stream. I looked through the filthy, small window. My Mother and Father were on the telephone. “ His name is Casper, Casper McFadden,” trembled my Mother.

My 100 wc

Bricks   Gorilla Yellow   Running Pretty My friend and I wererunning with our high school track team. The group of pretty girls in front of us looked like they weren’t even trying, but still maintaining grace and beauty. While we looked tired dogs, tired, stinky, sweaty dogs. After twenty laps of agony, we hit the showers. The fresh, cold water fell from my face. Soothing the bright red tomato that still appeared to be on my face. The brick walls of the changing room vibrated. “ BARRRRRRRRRRR.” A loud, deep shake was let out, and a bright yellow gorilla burst through the wall. “ Oh hell naw.” My friend grabbed one of the bricks and chucked it at the gorilla’s face. He got knocked out.

My 100wc for this week. Enjoy ;););););););););););):)

…I wondered what was behind the door…
I watched my dog bark at a plain white door, thumping his tail in rhythm to the wind. “Why was he barking at the door,” was the only thing the came to mind. He sat perfectly still, and barked, and barked, and coughed. I turned around for a split second, and he was gone. …I wondered what was behind the door… What took my dog, who took my dog. But whatever it was, I had to get my dog back. I opened the door. The light of rainbows, leprechauns, and bright blue sky lighted up the room. I saw my dog, happily run around with a herd of unicorns. This looked like the best moment he has had in years.

Here is my P.O.V


“ Bock, Bock, BOCKA!” I slowly lifted my head as I faced another fellow chicken,  nipping at my seeds. How could this chicken, eat my seeds, without my permission. This is the first time we a received food for this week. I had to stand my ground. I fluffed my feathers and walked up to the chicken, and poked at it was my long and pointy beck. The chicken scooted out of my way, and I went back to happily eating my seeds. The chicken butted its head into my pile, AGAIN. 
“ Excuse me, would you mind sharing thoughs seed,” she clucked.
“No, I do mind actually,” I clucked back.
How rude, she asked me to share my seeds, without a chance honey. I ran over to another pile. And of course, she followed. I walked to over to the Turks Land. “ This is where the supply of chicken food is,” I said. She went in, she was a goner.

Here is my 100wc for this week


BATH   Fighter   Danced Orange   Clumsily
I ran into my brightly paintedorange room. I felt like a supermodel, strutting my stuff in front of all my stuffed animals. Making my way through the crowd. “ CRAMP! ” I clumsily fell to the floor, with excruciating pain rising higher and higher the more I squirmed and wriggled. But, I fought, and fought, till I made it to my bed. I was a fighter. I laid on my bed, flapping like a jandle that was brought to life. My skinny noodle arms flopping all over the place. I looked at my hands. Great carpets burn, just what I needed. But moments later, I was completely fine. I danced my way into the bathroom. I filled up the bath, with warm soapy water, and jump in. “CANON BALL!”